Flanders, Reed criticize Trump on NATO


photo via Twitter

By WPRO News

Former Rhode Island Supreme Court Justice and Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Judge Robert Flanders said that it’s wrong for President Donald Trump to treat NATO like a “real estate deal.”

“When he starts doing things such as badmouthing NATO and saying it’s obsolete when I think it’s still an indispensable organization for the safety and security of our country, I want people to know that I’m going to stand up to him,” he told WPRO on Friday.

He elaborated in a statement.

“On tariffs and NATO alike, I disagree with the president’s roughshod approach to our allies. NATO is not a real estate deal,” Flanders said. “I would rather such treatment be reserved for antagonists such as Russia or countries such as China that steal government secrets and the intellectual property of U.S. private enterprise.”

Earlier in the week, Senator Jack Reed led a 97-2 vote in the Senate reaffirming “the ironclad U.S. commitment under Article 5 to the collective defense of the NATO Alliance.”

“The United States Senate stood remarkably together… to make it clear to the world that NATO is vital to our national security, our defense, that it is one of the platforms for a rule based system of international law that has benefited the United States for 70 years or more,” he said.


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